Twitter bot playground

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This is a reference for me and anyone else that's interested in Twitter bots in JavaScript.

All of the examples here use the npm package twit.

We'll go through setting up a simple bot so each of these examples can be run with it.

I'm going to assume that you have nodejs installed along with npm and that you are comfortable with the terminal.

If you are not familiar node or do not have your environment set up to use it take a look at the on my Twitter bot bootstrap repo which details getting a Twitter application set up and a development environment with c9.

A great resource is Aman Mittal's Awesome Twitter bots repo which has resources and bot examples.

A lot of this information is already out there I'm hoping this is all the information someone will need to get started with their own Twitter bot. I'm doing this for my own learning and hopefully other people will get something out of this as well.




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